SAC members

Member Guidelines

The following general guidelines are suggested to define the composition of the Committee and Service terms of the Committee members:

  • All major departments - geography, geosciences, materials science and engineering, meteorology, and energy and mineral engineering - should be represented by one member each. The member should be recommended by the department head to the dean who will make the appointment.
  • Four members should be recommended by the associate dean for Graduate Research and Education to the dean for appointment from the Office of Graduate Education and the Research.
  • Items above provide a mechanism for balancing the Committee composition to assure the representation of all groups and reflect the proportion of staff classifications in the college. It is important to include adequate representation of each employee classification group. The number of representation should change to reflect future adjustments in staff groups. Consideration should be given to assure diversity in the selection of committee members.

Term of Service

The term of service for committee members is three years from the date the member starts, regardless of how long the previous representative from that area served on SAC. There is no limit on the number of terms a member may serve. A new representative will be recommended to the Dean for appointment by the appropriate area when a member resigns or completes their three-year term. Members must be willing to serve on the committee. The appointments of the members representing the major academic departments should be structured so that each year two of the departments will be putting forth a recommendation of a representative to the committee.


The committee members shall select a chairperson, vice chairperson, and a secretary at the February meeting to serve one year terms.

The chairperson provides leadership to the committee, assigns leads to committee projects, represents the committee at college meetings, and communicates with the dean and his staff as needed. The vice chairperson supports and assists the chair and acts in the place of the chair at meetings, when the chair is not present. The secretary takes minutes at committee meetings and ensures the committee information on the EMS website and box folder is accurate and up to date.


The Committee shall meet monthly or as often as necessary and practical to address issues and concerns of the EMS staff and to further the goals of the college.

Current Members

It is recommended that the Staff Advisory Committee of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences be composed of 9 members. The HR Manager is a committee member ex officio. This person serves as liaison between the committee and the Dean of the College.

Listed below are the current members.

ChairAmanda Laub(814-865-0454

Karen Adams Cox Karen Adams Cox
Administrative Support Coordinator
Department of Geography
302C Walker Building
John Barlett John Barlett
Human Resources Manager
Dean's Office
116 Deike Building
Abby Benkiran Abby Benkiran
Proposal and Award Generalist
Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
226B Earth & Engineering Sciences
Noelle Capperelle Noelle Capparelle
Administrative Support Assistant 3
John A. Dutton e-Education Institute
417 EESB
Ashley Comly Ashley Comly
Financial Assistant
EMS Energy Institute
C211 Coal Utilization Lab
Shirley Fetters Shirley Fetters
Administrative Support Assistant
Development and Alumni Relations
204 Deike Building
Jacob Hoover Jacob Hoover
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Department of Geosciences
542 Deike
Amy Johnson Amy Johnson
Academic Adviser
John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
110 Hosler Building
Ginger Kowalchuk Ginger Kowalchuk
Administrative Support Assistant 2
Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
502 Walker Building
Amanda (Mandy) Laub Amanda (Mandy) Laub
Financial Coordinator
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
221 Steidle Building
Jennifer Lear Jennifer Lear
Director Research Administration
Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research
248 Deike Building