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Recruit Students

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences utilizes Penn State's nationally recognized hybrid recruiting program that includes a strong University-wide Career Services Center. We also partner with the College of Engineering and use eCareer, an online job posting system.


eCareer is a free online engineering job posting system that employers are encouraged to use to advertise their currently-available co-op, internship, research, and entry-level full-time positions. eCareer is the most efficient means for employers to reach engineering students in all majors in the Colleges of Engineering and Earth and Mineral Sciences, at all Penn State campuses. You can use eCareer to post information about your company or organization, on-campus recruiting (interviews), and available positions (if representatives are not coming to campus). All job descriptions are reviewed and approved by our staff before they become visible to students. 

Post a job on eCareer

Career Services Center

Because Penn State is such a large institution, employers are encouraged to take a “blended” approach to recruiting, utilizing the services of both the University’s central Career Services office and our college-supported career office.

Career Services can help you navigate the University at large and coordinate your recruiting efforts across the academic colleges and campuses. The college-supported career offices, by contrast, primarily focus on co-op and internship recruitment and have their own online job posting systems, although some offices also post full-time positions.

Depending upon your needs and target audience, both Career Services and the college career offices can assist you in:

  • Developing a strategic recruiting and branding plan
  • Scheduling on-campus interviewing dates
  • Identifying both University-wide and college-oriented career fairs and other recruiting activities of interest to your company or organization
  • Posting full-time jobs, co-ops, or internships
  • Scheduling recruiting events
  • Mentoring and networking with students

Please be assured that Career Services and the college career offices and contacts work together closely and will help guide you to the right contact for your needs.

Visit the Recruiting at Penn State website.