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GEMS Alumni Society

GEMS—Graduates of Earth and Mineral Sciences—is the alumni society for the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Membership in GEMS is included with your membership in the Penn State Alumni Association. GEMS invites you to join and help support the college and its students - you can take as active a role in GEMS as your time and energy permit.

GEMS takes pride in its student mentoring, alumni recognition, and communication programs. Some ways you can partcipate include:

  • Nominating candidates for the GEMS Board of Directors;
  • Voting in elections;
  • Joining a GEMS committee; Participating in GEMS programs;
  • Nominating candidates for awards;
  • Networking with students, faculty, and other alumni at special GEMS events.

GEMS Speaker Series

The annual GEMS speaker series is intended to increase visibility and access to information on timely and relevant Earth and Mineral Sciences' related focus areas and topics affecting industry and public policy, encourage and educate our students, and encourage collaboration across disciplines.

GEMS Board of Directors

The GEMS Board of Directors is comprised of 16 members (15 person board plus immediate past president).

GEMS Committees

There are numerous GEMS committees available to join.

GEMS Volunteer Group Awards

GEMS has recived many award from the Penn State Alumni Association.

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