MatSE alumni board

Affiliate Program Groups

Affiliate Program Groups (APG) are chartered by their college alumni society. APGs are similar to societies, with the exception that this connection is focusing on the promotion and development of the academic department rather than the entire college. Some APG activities include networking, mentoring, and student recruitment. An Affiliate Program Group (APG) consists of alumni or friends of Penn State who have a common interest in a particular academic, professional, or extracurricular activity that is related to a specific college or campus program.

EMS Affiliate Program Groups

MAPS (Meteorology Alumni of Penn State)

MAPS was the first APG formed in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. The goal of MAPS is to build a sense of community among meteorology alumni and current students, and to strengthen the contacts and collaboration between alumni and the department.

Department of Geography APG

The Department of Georgraphy APG acts as an advisory body to the department and a mechanism for connecting alumni with each other and with current students, faculty and staff.

EMS Interest House Alumni APG

The Irvin Hall alumni APG is an organization consisting of the alumni of the Earth and Mineral Sciences Interest House.