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To learn more about graduate study in Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, we invite you to visit our campus where you will have the opportunity to meet wiith other students and faculty. Our advisers will meet with you to discuss how our programs can help you meet your academic and career goals.  Please use the contacts listed below to request a visit.

John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering

Sue Hyde
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Email: esh17@psu.edu
Telephone: 814-863-0373

Department of Geography

Jessica Perks
Graduate Staff Assistant
Email: grad@geog.psu.edu
Telephone: 814-865-3434

Department of Geosciences

Angela Packer
Graduate Program Assistant
Email: amp13@psu.edu
Telephone: 814-865-7394 

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Hayley Colyer
Graduate Program Coordinator
Email:  hjc24@psu.edu
Telephone: 814-865-0498

Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

Karen Corl
Graduate Program Coordinator
Email: kqc8@psu.edu
Telephone: 814-863-9500