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The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences welcomes opportunities to collaborate with industry. Our researchers are solving complex, real-world problems in diverse areas like 3-D printing, oil and gas well exploration, severe weather, and the environment. Your company can leverage our expertise by sponsoring a customized project in your area of interest. Visit our Faculty Directory to search for researchers working in your area of interest.

Penn State Office of Industrial Partnerships

A research partnership with Penn State puts you ahead to uncover solutions for your unique challenges. Solve complex manufacturing problems, utilize world-class facilities, and find top talent–all under one roof, with just one phone call. This partnership works for you. To learn more, visit the Office of Industrial Partnerships webpage.

Current EMS-Industry Opportunities

Enhanced Oil Recovery Joint Industry Project
Goals are to generate innovative short- and long-term research in enhanced oil recovery and closely related areas; recruit and train bright graduate students for careers in the oil industry to ensure a viable and well-trained future workforce in petroleum engineering; and to provide useful and practical software to members and disseminate research results.

Joint Center for Energy Research (JCER)
The goal of the Center is to facilitate collaborative and multi-disciplinary research in energy sciences and technology. In addition, the JCER serves as a hub for innovative research and global education and provides an institutional umbrella for interacting with industry, the U.S. and Chinese governments, and local communities in the area of clean energy.

University Coalition for Basic and Applied Fossil Energy Research and Development (UCFER)
UCFER has been established to advance basic and applied fossil energy research through mechanisms that promote collaboration among the Department of Energy (DOE) and the universities that are members of the Coalition by the coordination of research and the sharing of data. Its collaborative research will focus on coal, natural gas, and oil.

Unconventional Natural Resources Consortium (UNRC)
UNRC is a research effort between industry and academia to analyze natural gas and oil reservoirs and production in unconventional plays. The main objective is to provide long-term support to cutting-edge research in the area of unconventional resources exploitation and development, and disseminate research results to UNRC members.

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For help with matching your company's research needs and interests with our college's deep capabilities, contact John Hellmann. He can help arrange a customized campus visit for your company and help you with getting started on a sponsored research project.