SAC Administrative Fellows

Administrative Fellows Program

How many times each week do we get expert advice and assistance from other offices and units in the College? Wouldn’t it be helpful to spend time working directly with those experts to increase our own knowledge and skill level? Thanks to the EMS Administrative Fellows Program we can do just that.

This program will provide an opportunity to enhance the administrative talents and qualifications of EMS staff members by involving them in mentoring experiences at the highest levels in the College.

The program provides up to a six-month period during which Fellows participate in selected meetings, learning activities, and program management, so that they are better equipped to handle the challenges of higher-education administration. Fellows may serve as ex officio members of a number of College committees, attend administrative meetings, and fulfill a special assignment related to individual career goals. The Fellows Program is intended to enhance the Fellow's capabilities and increase their potential for higher-level positions within the College or elsewhere in the University system. Although completion of an Earth and Mineral Sciences Administrative Fellowship in no way guarantees promotion to a higher-level position within the College or the University, it is intended that persons who complete the Program will have strengthened their ability to achieve career goals. 

Financial Arrangements

During the fellowship period, the successful candidate will spend half-time with Fellowship activities and half-time serving in his or her current position, while continuing to receive a regular salary.  Salary for the half-time spent in Fellowship activities will be provided by the Dean's Office. The work unit will provide half-salary for time the Fellow spends in regular work unit activities and make internal arrangements to cover the remaining half of the Fellow's regularly assigned duties. The starting dates of each fellowship may vary depending on the office and the Fellow's commitments.

How to Apply

  • You should possess a desire to pursue a career in administration
  • Identify an area in the College where the fellowship would take place
  • Identify how you would benefit in your current and future positions
  • Discuss the Fellowship with your supervisor and develop a plan to cover your job duties during the Fellowship period
  • Meet with the potential area’s supervisor and anyone relevant to your Fellowship in that area to confirm their participation
  • Identify your goals and draft a plan to meet those goals. Show the value of the Fellowship to your current position
  • Complete the application and obtain approval signature from potential Fellowship area’s supervisor
  • Solicit at least two evaluators (the person to whom you report and another administrator) to complete confidential evaluation forms
  • Give the forms to the evaluators to complete and forward directly to the HR Office
  • Submit complete package to the Human Resource Office

Examples of Projects

Following are general examples of projects that might be suggested by prospective Fellows. These projects should be specific to the goals of the applicant and must be approved by the unit in which the Fellow would serve.

  • Working as a member of the Financial Office during the end of fiscal year procedures
  • Working with the Development Office on the research and cultivation of donors and stewardship of current gifts
  • Working with the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations on the GEMS Board program and alumni award projects
  • Working with the staff of an academic unit on the preparations for a major awards banquet
  • Working with the EMS Recruiter and the Director of Academic Advising on attracting and retaining new students
  • Working with the Research Office to learn about the grant proposal process and procedures

Selection Criteria

Potential Fellows Must

Hold a full-time position within an administrative, academic or service unit in the College of EMS that is classified under the SPEC program, the Union-University agreement with Teamster’s Local #8, or wage payroll in the earned time program.

  • Have two years of service in their current position prior to the start of the Fellowship
  • Have demonstrated success in their current position
  • Have demonstrated a self-initiated personal investment targeted at enhancing their career potential
  • Show evidence of leadership experience and decision-making ability
  • Be able to relate effectively to students, faculty, and staff and have an understanding and appreciation of cultural, ethnic, and individual differences
  • Be willing to accept a wide variety of assignments

Important Dates

The generally anticipated dates for Fellowships are either July 1 through December 31 or January 1 through June 30. However, these dates are flexible depending on the goals and needs of the applicant and unit. Intended Fellowship dates in your proposal.


Download application (Word doc)

Evaluation Form

Download evaluation form (Word doc)