Safety Committee

The EMS Safety Committee establishes procedures, responsibilities, and duties to promote planning and to establish training for employees and individuals in the college in the event of an emergency. Questions regarding safety issues in the college can be directed to Frank Driscoll or call 814-867-2499.

In addition to the EMS employees listed below, Elizabeth Long,Information Resources and Services Supervisor-Manager in the Fletcher L. Byrom Earth and Mineral Sciences Library, is also a member of the Saftey Committee.

Matt Carroll Matt Carroll
Science Writer
Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
226C Earth & Engineering Sciences
Marty Gutowski Martin Gutowski
John A. Dutton e-Education Institute
419 EESB
Scott Henninger Scott Henninger
Facilities Representative
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
123A Steidle Building
Thomas Motel Thomas Motel
Research Technologist 4
John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
108 Hosler Building
Dennis Walizer Dennis Walizer
Research Technologist
Department of Geosciences
227 Deike Building
Ron Wasco Ronald Wasco
EMS Energy Institute
218 Academic Projects
Melissa Weaver Melissa (Missy) Weaver
Administrative Support Assistant
Department of Geography
302 Walker Building
Robert Ziegler Robert Ziegler
Research Technologist
Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
614 Walker Building