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Wilson Award for Excellence in Service

In pursuit of its mission to seek and to disseminate knowledge, the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences promotes excellence in academic and professional activities on the part of students, faculty, staff and administration. Created in 1999, the Wilson Service Award honors exceptional achievement in service and expresses the gratitude and appreciation of the college.


This award is given in recognition of meritorious service represented by a single contribution or a series of contributions around a coherent theme. The contribution may represent application of knowledge in the creation of an activity or service useful to society. The achievement for which the candidate is to be honored shall have occurred or culminated during the five years preceding the nomination for the award.

Nomination Procedure

Annually in September, the Dean will invite nominations for the Wilson Award for Excellence in Service from each department and institute. Reminders are sent in December.

Each department and institute may submit one nomination (submitted by the head or director) and the nomination packet should include:

  • Detailed description of the achievement and documented evidence that substantiates the claim of commitment to excellence in service
  • Brief biographical information about nominee
  • Recent high-resolution color photograph suitable for the program in jpeg format

The nomination materials should be submitted electronically to Diane Ault( no later than February 15.


Members of the college faculty, as defined by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Constitution, are eligible.

Selection Procedure

Nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the dean and the associate deans in the college. The recipient shall be honored with a recognition memento and a monetary award at the Wilson Awards Banquet held each spring.

Past Recipients

  • 2019: VenKatraman Gopalan
  • 2018: Andrew Nyblade
  • 2017: Mark Klima and David Titley
  • 2016: Brent Yarnal
  • 2015: Timothy Bralower
  • 2014: Cynthia Brewer
  • 2013: Peter R. Bannon and R. Larry Grayson
  • 2012: Yaw D. Yeboah
  • 2011: Robert G. Crane
  • 2010: David W. DiBiase
  • 2009: Gary L. Messing
  • 2008: Carlo G. Pantano
  • 2007: Susan L. Brantley
  • 2006: Richard R. Parizek and Dennis W. Thomson
  • 2005: Michael A. Arthur, Christopher J. Bise and William H. Peterson
  • 2004: Peter Deines and Alan W. Scaroni
  • 2003: Rudy L. Slingerland and Johannes Verlinde
  • 2002: Richard E. Tressler
  • 2001: Lakshman Yapa
  • 2000: C. Gregory Knight and Peter T. Luckie
  • 1999: Turgay Ertekin

2019 Wilson Award for Outstanding Service

Ven Kat Gopalan
Ven Katraman Gopalan
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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