Hans Verlinde and Lee Kump

Faculty Mentoring Awards

This award was created to honor faculty members in the college for their outstanding work in mentoring students or junior faculty members. Members of the college faculty, as defined by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Constitution, are eligible.

The three main categories of contributions are as follows:

  • faculty members mentoring undergraduate or graduate students
  • senior faculty members mentoring junior faculty members
  • faculty members assisting under-represented students 

The recipient shall be honored with a recognition memento and a monetary award at the Wilson Awards Banquet held each spring.

Nomination Procedure

Annually in December, the dean will invite nominations. Nomination packets must include:

  • a letter from a department head or institute director should describe in sufficient detail the contribution by the faculty member as it relates to one of the categories noted above
  • a recent color high-resolution portrait photograph

The nomination materials should be submitted electronically to Diane Ault (emsresearch@ems.psu.edu) along with four hard copies sent to the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research in 248 Deike Building by no later than February 15. Beginning with the 2009–10 academic year, one recipient for the college shall be selected by the dean.

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Johannes Verlinde
  • 2017: Andrew Carleton and Michael Hickner
  • 2016: Lorraine Dowler
  • 2015: Eugene Clothiaux
  • 2014: Venkatraman Gopalan
  • 2013: Joan M. Redwing
  • 2012: Sarma Pisupati
  • 2011: Zi-Kui Liu
  • 2010: R. Larry Grayson
  • 2009: Elizabeth Bailey, Turgay Ertekin, Deryck Holdsworth, Jennifer Macalady, Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Anne Thompson
  • 2008: James Kubicki, Derek Elsworth, Brenton Yarnal, Katherine Freeman, James Runt, Lee Grenci
  • 2007: M. Thaddeus Ityokkumbul, James Detwiler, Timothy White, Andrew Kleit, Andre Boehman, Denice Wardrop, Richard Alley, Paul Howell, Dennis Thomson
  • 2006: Douglas Miller, Todd Bacastow, Chunshan Song, Melissa Wright, Peter Heaney, David Green, Jerry Harrington
  • 2005: Myron McClure, Ann Taylor Luck, Lisa Brown, Mark Klima, Caroline Burgess Clifford, Mark Ga-hegan, Lee Kump, Paul Painter, George Young
  • 2004: Elizabeth King, Douglas Miller, Phillip Halleck, Sharon Miller, Brenton Yarnal, Susan Brantley, Allen Kimel, Eugene Clothiaux
  • 2003: Glenn Johnson, David Pollard, Robert Watson, Gareth Mitchell, Lorraine Dowler, Tanya Furman, John Hellmann, Hampton Shirer

2018 Recipient

The 2018 recipient of the Faculty Mentoring Award is:

Johannes Verlinde

Johannes Verlinde, Professor of Meteorology and Associate Head, Graduate Program in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

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