Jillian Goldfarb and Lee Kump

E. Willard & Ruby S. Miller Faculty Fellowship

The purpose of the Miller Faculty Fellowship is to support faculty of exceptional creativity, who propose highly innovative approaches to major contemporary challenges in the earth, energy, and material sciences. By bringing their creativity and visionary perspectives to bear on major research questions, they may develop novel theories and applications that will propel fields forward. 

The award will be made annually to a tenure-track faculty member in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. 

The award recipient will receive $50,000 from the E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Faculty Fellowship Fund.  The funds are to be used primarily for graduate student support. The award period is five years and any unspent balance at the end of the award period will be returned to the fund for reallocation.


One nominee may be submitted from each EMS department.

Nomination packets should include:

  • title page including name, rank, department affiliation
  • a summary of proposed research, limited to one page and written for nonspecialists
  • a narrative of three pages or less in which the problem is defined, the need, value or significance of the work is indicated, and the research plan is broadly outlined
  • a short vita, including related publications and experience
  • a proposed budget including fringe benefits and tuition (travel is not permitted)
  • A high-resolution portrait photograph


The nomination materiasls should be send to Diane Ault (emsresearch@ems.psu.edu) along with four hard copies sent to the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research in 248 Deike Building by no later than February 15.

Proposal Evaluation

  • Proposals will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the dean using the following criteria:
  • The scientific and/or technical merits
  • The innovativeness of the research
  • The qualifications, experience and past performance of the proposer
  • The adequacy of facilities and equipment to accomplish the research
  • The reasonableness of the budget
  • The final selection will be based on the proposal evaluation and programmatic considerations

Award Announcement

The award will be announced at the Wilson Awards Banquet held each spring. 

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Jillian Goldfarb
  • 2017: Peter Heaney
  • 2016: Chiara Lo Prete
  • 2015: Kirby Calvert
  • 2014: Randy Vander Wal
  • 2013: Joshua A. Robinson
  • 2012: Klaus Keller
  • 2011: Fuqing Zhang
  • 2010: James H. Adair
  • 2009: Alan M. MacEachren
  • 2008: William H. Brune and Maureen Feineman

2018 Recipient

The 2018 recipient of the E. Willard & Ruby S. Miller Faculty Fellowship is:

Jillian GoldfarbJillian Goldfarb, assistant professor of energy engineering

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