Susan Lechtanski

  • EMS Degrees: BS, Geography (1997)
  • My Job: Marketing Director, Penn State
  • Hometown: Lemont, Pennsylvania
  • Fun Fact About Me: I loved Penn State so much that I decided not to leave after graduation.

More About Me

After I graduated from Penn State, I began my career in the marketing department at the Bryce Jordan Center on the University Park campus. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be after graduation, so people are always surprised to learn how I got where I am today.

The best part about being a Penn Stater is how I always meet fellow Penn Staters no matter how far I travel from Pennsylvania, which I love to do. There is an instant connection and bond wherever I go.

An EMS professor who had a big impact on me was Dr. Lakshman "Lucky" Yapa. He was my internship adviser and helped me to create a unique internship experience at the Bryce Jordan Center analyzing their demographics.

To graduating students, let me share this advice: Follow your heart and your passion, and the rest will come to you. The old saying of do what you love so that it doesn't seem like work is so very true.

My secret vice on television is to watch General Hospital when I first get home from work. I have literally watched that show since I was two years old with my mom. It is one of those shows that helps me to relax for thirty minutes after work, before having to cook dinner, walk the dog, etc.

My favorite time of year is undoubtedly Christmas. Not just Christmas day, but the whole Christmas season. People seem to have bigger hearts. That's something we should have all year round.

You might find me cheering on the New York Giants and, of course, the Nittany Lions.