Matt Kumjian

Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching

Created in 1969, the Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching honors exceptional achievement in teaching. This award is given in recognition of outstanding teaching represented by performance in a single course of instruction or a series of contributions around a coherent theme. The contribution may represent application of knowledge in a traditional classroom setting, field course, or online education.

The contribution may represent application of knowledge in a traditional classroom setting, field course or on-line education. The achievement for which the candidate is to be honored shall have occurred or culminated during the five years preceding the nomination for the award.

Nomination Procedure

Annually in December, the dean invites nominations for the Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching from each department and institute. Each department and institute may submit one nomination and the nomination packet should include

  • Description (in sufficient detail) of the contribution by the faculty member to enhance the students’ learning experience
  • Recent high-resolution color photograph suitable for the program

The nomination materials should be submitted electronically to Diane Ault ( along with four hard copies sent to the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research in 248 Deike Building by no later than February 15. Nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by a committee consisting the dean and the associate deans.

NOTE: EMS faculty members who have received the Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching and are ineligible to receive it again.

Previous Recipients

  • 2018: Matthew Kumjian
  • 2017: Donald Fisher
  • 2016: Elizabeth Hajek
  • 2015: Li Li and Brian King
  • 2014: Jeffrey Brownson
  • 2013: Brenton M. Yarnal
  • 2012: Kamini Singha
  • 2011: Peter J. Heaney
  • 2010: Zuleima T. Karpyn
  • 2009: Alan H. Taylor
  • 2008: Luis Ayala and Jerry Y. Harrington
  • 2007: Deryck W. Holdsworth and R. Allen Kimel
  • 2006: Jonathan P. Mathews
  • 2005: Rudy L. Slingerland and Erwin A. Vogler
  • 2004: Katherine H. Freeman and Raymond G. Najjar
  • 2003: Sarma Pisupati and Joan M. Redwing
  • 2002: Euguene E. Clothiaux and David W. DiBiase
  • 2001: Lorraine Dowler, Semih Eser, and Suzanne Mohney
  • 2000: Donald A. Koss and Susan Trolier-McKinstry
  • 1999: Eric J. Barron and Andre L. Boehman
  • 1998: Amy K. Glasmeier and Clive A. Randall
  • 1997: Richard B. Alley, Mark S. Klima, and Darrell G. Schlom
  • 1996: Peter B. Flemings and Gregory S. Forbes
  • 1995: Albert L. Guber and Paul C. Painter
  • 1994: Subhash Chander, Peter Deines, Fred Gadomski, Lee Grenci, Paul Knight, Garry Burkle, John Lee, Jon Merritt, and Joe Schall
  • 1993: Diana M. Liverman, Digby D. Macdonald, and Jon M. Nese
  • 1992: Terry Engelder and Lakshman S. Yapa
  • 1991: Peter A. Thrower and Earl K. Graham
  • 1990: J. Michael Fritsch, Abraham S. Grader, and August H. Simonsen
  • 1989: Roger J. Cuffey and Pierce F. Lewis
  • 1988: Harold H. Schobert and Kevin P. Furlong
  • 1987: Raja V. Ramani and Hampton N. Shirer
  • 1986: Peter T. Luckie and Richard R. Parizek
  • 1985: Christopher J. Bise and Paul R. Howell
  • 1984: Carlo G. Pantano and George Simkovich
  • 1983: Michael M. Coleman and Robert Scholten
  • 1983: Diana M. Liverman and Digby D. Macdonald, and Jon M. Nese
  • 1982: Craig F. Bohren and Turgay Ertekin
  • 1981: C. Drew Stahl and Frederick L. Wernstedt
  • 1980: Richard Hogg and Lloyd A. Morley
  • 1979: John H. Hoke and John E. Tilton
  • 1978: Ian R. Harrison and Earle R. Ryba
  • 1977: Frank F. Aplan and Peter M. Lavin
  • 1976: Alistair B. Fraser and Emilie T. McWilliams
  • 1975: Roger M. Downs and William O. Williamson
  • 1974: Paul D. Simkins and William B. White
  • 1973: Richard C. Bradt and Anthony V. Williams
  • 1972: Robert E. Newnham and Charles P. Thornton
  • 1971: John J. Cahir and H. R. Hardy, Jr.
  • 1970: David P. Gold, S. M. Farouq Ali, and E. G. Williams
  • 1969: George W. Brindley and Robert F. Schmalz

2018 Recipient

Matt Kumjian

Mathew Kumjian, assistant professor of meteorology

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