EMS Undergraduate Scholarship Application


The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences offers scholarships to our undergraduate students. Students who are majoring in one of the departments within the College. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement as measured by GPA.

Application Procedure

Students must complete the form below by April 15. Students who wish to renew their current scholarship must also apply.

Note: Scholarships are awarded on a per semester basis but applicants only need to apply once a year.

Financial Need

The College scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit NOT financial need. Students who have financial need should submit confidential financial statements to the University. If you haven't filled out the Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs' financial aid forms, you can do it on the FAFSA website.

Departmental Scholarships

Some departments and/or sections in the College also use this application for their scholarships. Some of these scholarships are based in part on financial need or minority status.

EMS scholarships are only a part of a well-developed college-financing plan. The University's Office of Student Aid is an essential partner in creating that plan. Be sure to investigate the many sources of aid they offer.

Scholarship Committee

Undergraduate Scholarship Application