Years of Service Awards


The program recognizes service of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35+ years and are acknowledged at the annual Dean's Staff Appreciation lunch.


All full-time, regular University employment is counted. Any new employee to the College in a given year becomes eligible for service awards when reaching the next five-year anniversary relative to their University employment.

Type of Awards for Years of Service 

  • 5 years = Bronze tone medal set in a letter opener, engraved
  • 10 years = Acrylic Obelisk with embedded College seal, engraved
  • 15 years = Nickel tone set into bookends, engraved
  • 20 years = Gold tone medal set into pen set
  • 25 years = Globe on a base, engraved and University Chair
  • 30 years = Framed print of Old Main and the Obelisk, painted by Nancy Strailey, attached engraved tag
  • 35 years = Fine silver medal in a cherry wood display case with an attached engraved tag