Carolynne Hultquist at Wilson Banquet

George Schenck Teaching Assistant of the Year Award

This award was created to honor and to recognize an exemplary graduate student teaching assistant in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. The recipient will be honored with a recognition memento and a monetary award at the Wilson Awards Banquet held each spring.


This award is given to a graduate student who has performed his or her responsibility as a graduate teaching assistant in a commendable manner and has been named teaching assistant of the year in his or her department.

Nomination Procedure

Annually in September, the dean invites nominations for the Schenck Teaching Assistant of the Year Award from each department and institute. Reminders are send in December.

Each department and institute may submit one nomination (submitted by the head or director) and the nomination packet should include:

  • Letter highlighting the individual’s accomplishments as a teaching assistant; and
  • Recent color high-resolution portrait photograph

The nomination materials should be submitted electronically to Diane Ault ( no later than February 15.

Selection Procedure

One recipient for the college shall be selected by the dean.

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Carolynne Hultquist, Geography
  • 2017: Thomas Nigl, Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2016: Qian Sun, Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2015: Nicholas Holschuh, Geocsciences
  • 2014: Anna Domask, Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2013: Max Christie, Geosciences
  • 2012: Nicole J. Lalibert, Geography
  • 2011: Clayton P. Barrows, Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2010: Destiny D. Aman, Geography
  • 2009: Brian Le Vay
  • 2008: Prasanna Chidambaram, Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2007: Kari Jensen, Geography
  • 2006: Amy Huff, Meteorology
  • 2005: David Jansson, Geography
  • 2004: Sara Bier, Geosciences
  • 2003: Eric Wolfe, Energy and Mineral Engineering

2018 Recipient

The 2018 recipient of the George Schenck Teaching Assistant  was:

Carolynne Hultquist

Carolynne Hultquist, Geography

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