Joel Myers

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Penn State Alumni Association is committed to recognizing alumni from across the academic spectrum, especially those from diverse backgrounds and those who are making a positive impact to ensure a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution and the association offers a number of awards for outstanding alumni.

Year Awarded Recipient Department
2016 Joel Myers METEO
2014 Terry Pegula EME
2011 Richard C. J. Somerville METEO
2008 Syed Muhammed Farouq Ali EME
2004 Thomas V. Falkie EGEE
1996 Charles Bowman EGEE
1995 Charles L. Hosler METEO
1995 Quentin E. Wood EGEE
1993 King Wu* EGEE
1992 Jyung O. Choe MATSE
1991 Howard O. Beaver, Jr. MATSE
1991 Warren M. Washington METEO
1989 Frederick C. Langenberg MATSE
1986 Norman J. Rubash EGEE
1985 Victor G. Beghini EGEE
1985 James J. Tietjen MATSE
1984 Thomas M. Krebs MATSE
1984 George E. Trimble* EGEE
1982 Paul B. Barton, Jr. GEOSC
1981 Dennis J. Carney MATSE
1975 G. Montgomery Mitchell EGEE
1974 William Bellano EGEE
1973 John W. Hanley MATSE
1968 David R. Mitchell* EGEE
1967 George H. Deike, Jr.* EGEE
1967 Edward Steidle, Sr.* EGEE
1966 Jesse F. Core III* EGEE
1966 George S. Rose* MATSE
1965 George J. Bair* MATSE
1964 Max W. Lightner* MATSE
1964 James L. Mauthe* MATSE
1964 Roger W. Rowland, Sr.* MATSE
1964 Jerome W. Woomer* EGEE
1963 Fletcher L. Byrom MATSE
1962 Livingston P. Teas* EGEE
1961 John T. Ryan, Jr. EGEE
1960 James C. Gray* EGEE
1959 Van H. Leichliter* MATSE
1958 Luther C. Campbell* EGEE
1956 Edward G. Fox* EGEE
1956 William A. Haven MATSE
1955 William W. Sieg* MATSE
1954 Jesse B. Warriner* EGEE
1954 Paul Weir* EGEE
1952 George H. Deike, Sr.* EGEE
1952 John V. Forbes* EGEE
1952 Lewis E. Young* EGEE

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