Tim Watson

Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

The Penn State Alumni Association is committed to recognizing alumni from across the academic spectrum, especially those from diverse backgrounds and those who are making a positive impact to ensure a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution and the association offers a number of awards for outstanding alumni.

Year Awarded Recipient Department
2016 Timothy Watson GEOSCIENCES
2015 Katherine LaBelle METEO
2013 Gavin P. Hayes GEOSC
2011 Patrick Flynn EME
2010 Paul Markowski METEO
2009 Sarah B. Das GEOSC
2008 Uday T. Turaga METEO
2007 Tabbetha Dobbins MATSE
2006 George Bryan METEO
2005 Barton P. Cahir EME


Above: Tim Watson
Below: Katherine LaBelle

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Assistant Director of Alumni Relations