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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State is an international leader in materials education and research. As a top-ranked program, the department thrives on a rich collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and researchers to promote a well-rounded academic experience and innovative research opportunities. Our department offers ABET accredited degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  View the information below to learn more.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Penn State is the largest Materials Research Institution in the United States. Its faculty and research centers are world renowned for contributing breakthrough research in their respective fields. Anchored by the renovation of its state-of-the-art Steidle Building, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering includes laboratories devoted to computational research, material processing, and characterization, in addition to outstanding spaces for meetings, group work and information interactions. 


Shaylee Traugh, a senior studying materials science and engineering
EMS student treks into hands-on sustainable learning

How can you snorkel between two tectonic plates, hike along a canyon hundreds of feet deep and enjoy a bonfire in the mountains -- all in the same day, and all while learning about sustainability? Shaylee Traugh has the answer.

Rakshith Badarinath works in the Factory for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) Lab, at Penn State.
Additive manufacturing and design master's program awards first degree

Introduced in 2017, the AMD program is educating students and working engineers to become technical experts in additive manufacturing and design.

Representatives of Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences met with those of Montan University
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to partner with Montan University Leoben

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) has entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Montan University Leoben, in Leoben, Austria, to develop a student exchange partnership that will link two educational institutions known for their expertise in sustainable approaches to materials sciences, mining and geosciences, with additional partnership opportunities with Penn State's Earth and Environmental Systems Institute.

Energy-harvesting device
Device harvests energy from low-frequency vibrations

A wearable energy-harvesting device could generate energy from the swing of an arm while walking or jogging, according to a team of researchers from Penn State's Materials Research Institute and the University of Utah.

Jason Munro
Graduate student pursues research passions with help of scholarships

Jason Munro, a doctoral student in materials science and engineering, credits two recent scholarships with allowing him to pursue research that's both his passion and relevant to advancing the needs of society.