Offshore wind

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems M.P.S.

Prepare yourself to serve as a leader of the emerging green economy through the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (RESS) master's degree program. This online program provides you with the technical depth in areas related to renewable energy. You can also gain a comprehensive understanding of the applications of technology in society, the energy economics, and the project development process.

Five Degree Options

Choose to hone your skills and knowledge in one of five options in the RESS program:


A RESS master's degree can prepare you to make an impact in the industry by serving in professional roles. Choosing between the different degree options can prepare you for roles such as:

  • Base Program: sustainability project manager, vice president of business development, environmental scientist, energy project analyst, research analyst, community planner, and energy project engineer
  • Bioenergy Option: biofuel project manager, bioenergy research analyst, fermentation scientist, feedstock crop analyst, and chemical process biofuels engineer
  • Solar Energy Option: solar energy project manager, solar design engineer, commercial solar business development, and solar research analyst
  • Sustainability Management and Policy Option: project manager for sustainability projects, chief sustainability officer, renewable energy manager, sustainability engineer, or sustainability analyst
  • Wind Energy Option: wind energy project manager, wind research analyst, process engineer, wind developer, and director of environmental permitting