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Geography - M.S. / Ph.D.

Our graduate program in geography focuses on specialization and independent scholarship built upon a foundation of broad geographic knowledge and training. A wide selection of graduate seminars and advanced undergraduate courses provide Ph.D. and M.S. students with the base of knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their own research in conjunction with a faculty adviser and advisory committee.

Research Expertise

The Department of Geography has been consistently ranked as one of the top departments of its kind in the United States. Research within the department focuses on four broad themes:

  • Environment and Society: examines complex linkages and multi-scalar processes between the biophysical environment and human societies. Focuses include justice; global climate change; governance, management, and policy; poverty and development; theory as it relates to action; science and technology; and transdisciplinary connections
  • Geographic information science: includes topics related to cartography, geovisual analytics, representation, ontologies and geosemantics, geographic information retrieval, qualitative and quantitative methods, spatial cognition, human factors, remote sensing, geoinformatics, and education
  • Human geography: patterns and processes that shape human interaction with the built and natural environments. Focuses include gender, geography education, historical and cultural geographies, justice and nature, political economy, political geographies, and urban spaces
  • Physical geography: department faculty research in this area includes ecosystems, landscape ecology, vegetation dynamics, wetlands, and climate research.

Three Programs Offered

The Department of Geography offers multiple graduate programs:

Where Geography Graduates Find Jobs

Students of all career paths and interests graduate from our programs well equipped to excel in their respective geographic fields. Graduates from our program work as faculty members and administrators at top universities across the nation and around the world, hold important positions in federal, state, and local governments, and work in exciting careers in the business and not-for-profit sectors.