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Geography - M.S. / Ph.D.

Our graduate program in geography focuses on specialization and independent scholarship built upon a foundation of broad geographic knowledge and training. A wide selection of graduate seminars and advanced undergraduate courses provide Ph.D. and M.S. students with the base of knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their own research in conjunction with a faculty adviser and advisory committee.

Programs Offered

5-year Doctor of Philosophy (M.S. + Ph.D.)

Students without master’s degrees choose either to enter the five-year Ph.D. program or the M.S. program when applying. Students can opt out of the five-year Ph.D. at any time and choose to finish the M.S. only. Students who enter the Geography graduate program by originally choosing the master’s degree path can apply to shift to the five-year Ph.D. program.

Doctor of Philosophy

The general requirements for a doctoral degree in geography are more rigorous than those for a master’s degree. At the same time, the greater flexibility of the doctoral program allows advanced students to pursue programs of study tailored to their special interests and needs.

Dual-title degree options

The department also offers the following dual-title graduate degree programs: