Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences pursues fundamental, cutting–edge and strategic research in areas of the geosciences that have great societal impact and educates students for careers that advance the forefront of knowledge in the geosciences. It focus on development and management of natural resources, assessment of natural hazards, understanding of processes that modify the Earth’s surface and how they respond to natural and anthropogenic forces, and investigation of the habitability of Earth and other planets in the past, present and future. View the information below to learn more.

Department of Geosciences - Pushing the Frontiers of Research

An international leader in the geosciences, Penn State University is pushing the frontiers of research. With new instruments and new, cutting-edge techniques, students and researchers are addressing societal relevant problems that will sustain us all into the future.


Deep groundwater aquifers respond rapidly to climate variability

Changes in climate can rapidly impact even the deepest freshwater aquifers according to Penn State and Columbia University hydrologists.

Earthquakes in Pennsylvania

Penn State geophysicist Andrew Nyblade spoke with us about a network of seismic monitoring stations across Pennsylvania, the history of earthquakes here, and possible effects of fracking and related activities on seismic events.

Claire Cleveland
Graduate student using NSF fellowship to enhance science outreach

Geosciences doctoral student Claire Cleveland is leveraging the support from a highly competitive National Science Foundation fellowship to create more science-based outreach opportunities geared toward the general public.

Climate change effects, solutions to be discussed on WPSU’s 'Conversations LIVE'

Renowned climate change experts and Penn State professors Richard Alley and Michael Mann will discuss the effects of human-caused climate change and take viewers' questions during the next episode of WPSU Penn State's "Conversations LIVE" at 8 p.m. on Jan. 26.

Marla Korpar
Recent EMS alums serve as undergraduate poster exhibition judges

Annie Tamalavage and Marla Korpar, both 2013 EMS graduates, were among a handful of judges who returned to Penn State's University Park campus to serve as judges for the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' (EMS) Undergraduate Poster Exhibition.