Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences pursues fundamental, cutting–edge and strategic research in areas of the geosciences that have great societal impact and educates students for careers that advance the forefront of knowledge in the geosciences. It focus on development and management of natural resources, assessment of natural hazards, understanding of processes that modify the Earth’s surface and how they respond to natural and anthropogenic forces, and investigation of the habitability of Earth and other planets in the past, present and future. View the information below to learn more.

Department of Geosciences - Pushing the Frontiers of Research

An international leader in the geosciences, Penn State University is pushing the frontiers of research. With new instruments and new, cutting-edge techniques, students and researchers are addressing societal relevant problems that will sustain us all into the future.


Klaus Keller, left, received the 2019 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award
Penn State Postdoc society announces 2019 award recipients

The Penn State Postdoc Society has announced Molly Hanlon as the recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Postdoc Award, and Klaus Keller as the recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award.

Natalie Accardo
Researchers seismically image Shale Hills water catchment

Penn State researchers take part in one of the largest studies ever conducted using more than 2,000 geophones. The group is seismically imaging the Shale Hills water catchment near the Penn State University Park campus.

Center for Sustainable Landscapes
Study Away Pittsburgh program brings sustainability learning closer to home

Penn State's Study Away Pittsburgh is designed to give students an immersive, semester-long opportunity to study urban sustainability while living in Pittsburgh.

Shale Hills
Undergraduates map subsurface at Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory

The processes that happen in the first few feet of soil can have large impacts on agriculture and water resources. To better understand these processes, a team of graduating Penn State geoscience majors mapped the subsurface at a research site in Rothrock State Forest.

Penn State students join their peers at Kasetsart University.
Travel course offers first-hand look at natural hazards facing Thailand

From its gorgeous beaches to energetic cities, Thailand is known for its iconic tourist attractions. But Penn State students who recently toured the Southeast Asian nation as part of a Maymester study course had a different experience