Matthew J. Wilson Loan Application

Low-interest loans are available to entering first-year students as well as upperclassmen and graduate students. Students may borrow up to $1,200 per semester ($2,400 per year) through the fund. Repayment is not required until after graduation. Currently, no interest accrues until graduation. After graduation, the University assesses a 6 percent simple interest rate on these loans.

Repayment of the Wilson Loan begins six months after termination of enrollment (graduates, withdrawals, or leaves of absence). Repayment may be deferred by students who re-enroll at another institution on at least a half-time basis as a degree or provisional student. Deferment arrangements are made through Student Financial Services.

Loan requests must be submitted prior to the last day of class for the given semester.

You will be notified by email of your loan offer amount. If you accept the loan, you will be instructed to sign an electronic promissory note and disclosure statement online at the Student Financial Services website. Once the promissory note and disclosure statement is signed and returned, the money will be disbursed. You must choose your refund preference online by using LionPATH.

Full-time students are eligible to apply for the loan two semesters per academic year for a maximum of $2,400 ($1,200 per semester). Both semesters may be requested on the same application.

To apply, please complete and submit the online form below.