University Park campus

Change of Campus

The University admits first-semester baccalaureate degree candidates to a campus that can provide at least two semesters of normal progress toward the program they have selected. This Penn State 2+2 Plan offers you the opportunity to begin at one of our campuses and complete your degree at another campus. Below is information for students who want to change campuses from a Penn State campus to University Park to complete their Penn State degrees.

Change of Campus to University Park

To plan for your change of campus, please work closely with your adviser.  You must submit your change of campus request through LionPATH, Update Campus.

To learn more about opportunities at University Park, we recommend that you attend the LinkUP event. There, you can talk with faculty, staff, and students and learn more about what to expect with the transition.

Request for Permanent Change of Campus

Undergraduate students can request a change of campus through their Student Center in LionPATH using the Update Campus application. Students may request permanent change of campus via LionPATH under the following circumstances:

  • The student is enrolled in a major that can be completed at the requested campus.
  • The student has completed between 44.1-74 credits.

Early Change of Campus because of Program Requirements

A student may request an early change of campus in order to maintain normal progress toward his/her preferred major. The student who is headed toward a major that requires early change of campus is expected to remain in that major and to schedule courses consistent with it. Under special circumstances, requests for other reasons may be approved as exceptions.

Summer Registration at Alternative Penn State Campuses

Without requesting a change of campus, a student may register for course work at one or more alternate Penn State campuses during summer session(s) and then return to his/her assigned campus for fall semester.

Temporary Change of Campus (Other than Summer)

A student may request a change of campus on a temporary basis for one semester (for example, if a student needs to be closer to home).

For more information on transitioning to University Park, visit the Change of Campus website.

Academic Planning

Work closely with your adviser. If you aren't sure who to contact, refer to the list of EMS advising contacts by campus. We also suggest using the Bulletin to find the Recommended Academic Plans for the programs offered by the college to help plan your requirements.

Course offerings vary by campus. Check the Class Search in LionPATH to see what courses are available at your campus.

Getting Connected

Sign up for the EMS listserv to receive information and updates on programs, opportunities, scholarships, and much more. Please contact LInda Spangler to sign up for the listserv.