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CAUSE - 2014 - Ridge to Reef: Terrestrial Effects on the Near-Shore Marine Realm

CAUSE 2014 Sample Photos

Registration Required
Return to Linda Spangler, 14 Deike Building


What: Humanity directs numerous insults on the marine realm but the near-‐shore marine environment is particularly vulnerable to human activities on land, such as changing land use, increased nutrient inputs and degraded water quality, increased sedimentation and refuse disposal, the introduction of invasive species, to name a few. These local to regional impacts are superimposed on a background of hemispheric to global scale stressors related to rising sea level, higher frequency of tropical storms, higher sea surface temperatures, and increasing ocean acidification. Combined, these challenge sustainability of near-‐shore marine environments that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the resident human population.

When: Spring (2 credits), Summer (10 day field trip-1 credit) and Fall (3 credits). Students will register for EM SC 470W.

Where: The field program will take place in the Caribbean, exact location to be determined. The selected island will offer the potential to explore a range of terrestrial and marine environments with both relatively pristine and degraded land--‐ and seascapes. The islands being considered have all experienced substantial population growth—increasing stress on near--‐shore marine environments. The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is subsidizing the course, but there will be an additional cost for the international travel of approx. $1800.00

Who: The Field program will involve land--‐based studies as well as SCUBA diving for coral reef surveys. The class will be open to non--‐divers, who will have the opportunity to obtain open water scuba diver certification if they choose to. However, diving will not be required. Any diving that does occur will be under the auspices of the Penn State Science Diving Program, and all divers must abide by the Science Diving standards and requirements.

      Lee Kump (Geosciences)
      Robert Crane (Geography)
      Tim White (Earth and Environmental Systems Institute)

Admission to the program is by application.  Please fill out the registration form and return it to Linda Spangler, 14 Deike Building.