Projects Underway

[this zone is subject to (dis)continuous tinkering] 

Surface Engineering in Blood Coagulation (PHS 1 R01 HL 69965-01) w/C. Siedlecki, Hershey Medical School

Scaled Interfacial Activity of Blood Proteins (J&J Focused Giving Grant)

Osteoblastic and Osteocytic Biology and Bone Tissue Engineering w/P. Brown and H. Donahue, Hershey Medical School

Cell-Protein-Surface Interactions in Micropipette Protrusion Assays (w/C. Dong)


Recent Writings & Ruminations

1.  An Evaluation of Goniometric Methods:  Submitted to Langmuir 2004.

2 Interfacial Energetics of Protein Adsorption to A Hydrophobic Solid-Water Surface Submitted to Langmuir 2004.

3.  Scaled Interfacial Activity of Proteins at a Hydrophobic Solid-Water Interface:  Submitted to J. Biomed. Mat. Res. 2004.

4.  Procoagulant Stimulus Processing in Contact Activation of Plasma Coagulation:  In press Biomaterials 2004.

5. Liquid-Vapor Interfacial Tension of Blood Plasma, Serum, and Purified Constituents Thereof: In Press 2004.

6.  Integrin Expression and Osteopontin Regulation in Human Fetal Osteoblast Cells Mediated by Substratum Surface Characteristics: In Press 2004.