EMSAGE Student Research Initiative Award 

In an effort to promote the “experiential learning and global literacy” component of the EMSAGE Laureate program, the college offers financial assistance for high-achieving individual students to pursue research projects that incur travel expense. Currently, the University provides financial assistance to undergraduates who deliver papers or posters at professional meetings, and to departments whose faculty members include undergraduates in research projects. But there is no existing coffer to assist undergraduates who need to travel for thesis research or other scholarly pursuits.


Up to $300 in support of individual undergraduate research travel, contingent upon availability of funds and a dollar-for-dollar department match, for a total of up to $600. Students may elect to supplement this award by pursuing other sources for potential matching funds, e.g. related institutes, research centers and the Schreyer Honors College (for Schreyer Scholars only).


  • Undergraduates in EMS with at least junior semester class standing (05 and above);
  • GPA of at least 3.0;
  • Department match of EMSAGE Award (dollar for dollar).  NOTE: An email needs to be sent to Martha Traverse ( from department budget office agreeing to match the EMSAGE award; and
  • Faculty mentor support statement: Note: Faculty member needs to send an email defending the value of the student’s work and the project to Martha Traverse (

Note: This is a one-time only award per student per undergraduate career. This award may not be accessed for any student groups and must be used strictly for research travel expense.

How to Apply

Please complete and submit the online form below.

EMSAGE Student Research Initiation Application