Irvin Hall cookout

EMS Housing Options

A "Special Living Option" (SLO) at Penn State offers students an opportunity to live and learn with classmates who share similar interests. Students live with other members of the SLO in a close-knit community (or "house") located in University housing. Students will have the opportunity to participate in field trips, group dinners, and other social and educational activities. Students build strong relationships with their fellow residents—and with the faculty and staff members affiliated with their SLO. In our SLOs, learning isn't just encouraged—it's celebrated.

Earth and Mineral Sciences House Irvin Hall SLO

Irvin Hall is the main SLO for the students in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Residents develop close relationships with faculty from the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences while learning more about geography, energy, meteorology, and the geosciences. Field trips, house dinners, guest lectures, house dinners, football tailgates, and intramural sports are just a few of the educational and social opportunities available to members. Irvin Hall is co-ed by floor and is situated in the West Halls residence area, which is conveniently located near the buildings of the college. Irvin has a private computer facility and two study lounges for member use.

Additional SLOs

First-Year in Science and Engineering House (FISE) - Ritner Hall, Pollock Halls

First-year students in the Eberly College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences may choose to reside in this SLO. Residents are a part of the Ritner Experience, which offers a variety of programs to help students learn more about multicultural issues, develop time management and study skills, and explore the many extracurricular opportunities available to them at Penn State. Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of in-house tutoring and mentoring services.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) House

WISE House is designed to give women students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields a supportive living environment to help participants make it through these challenging and predominantly male majors. As members of WISE House, residents benefit from educational programming, social activities, career networking, academic assistance, and leadership opportunities all while living and networking with other women in similar fields of study.