Stellar Performance Award

The objectives of the Stellar Performance Award are to:

  • Encourage efficiency and productivity while on the job, as well as promote professional development activities
  • Recognize a staff member who promotes a positive work environment within their unit, the college, and the University
  • Honor a staff member who performs beyond their job description, exhibits innovation, and fosters creativity and process improvement

Abby Benkiran Spring 2017
Abby Benkiran received the Stellar Performance Award for the spring 2017 semester, particularly for the “Quick Reference Guides” she produced for staff to use when processing forms. She also streamlined a few processes eliminating extra work for travel processes and she is always willing to help faculty with paperwork. Her job knowledge is exceptional and she provides great customer support. She is always a pleasure to work with and always willing to help the team when necessary. Abby excels in keeping abreast of changes to policies and procedures as necessary and consistently exceeds her goals. During her two years in EESI, she has proven to be reliable and proficient. Additionally, she completed the 2016-2017 ACOR Certification and Education Series and earned her ACES program certificate. By completing this course, she gained valuable knowledge in research administration and is already applying these new skills in her current job.


The staff member may be nominated by any fellow employee or their supervisor. If not nominated by their supervisor, their supervisor must state they concur with the nomination. The department or research institute then reviews the nominations to select the one winner for the semester. Each department and institute submits the name of the winner to the SAC committee to be considered for the Stellar Performance Award for that semester.


Full-time or part-time staff member with a minimum of 3 months of service in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.  Member must not have any unfavorable information in their record for the nominating semester.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations due by the last day of classes for each semester (fall, spring, summer) for recognition during following semester.

What Happens Next

Your nomination, along with any others received for the semester, will be reviewed by SAC. A single winner will be chosen for the semester.  Winners will be featured on the college website and digital signage with a brief description of what they did. Winners will receive a certificate. Winners and their supervisors will receive a letter of recognition by email. Nominees who are not selected will also receive a letter by email. The three winners for each year will be recognized at the Dean’s Staff Appreciation Luncheon and be given a gift from the college.

Stellar Performance Award Nomination Form

How did this person demonstrate an exceptional commitment to learning and performance improvement by completing professional development courses or activities? 

How did this person demonstrate exceptional knowledge of their job duties or went above and beyond in providing support? 

How did this person demonstrate exceptional accountability and self-management?

How did this person demonstrate exceptional teamwork and leadership? 

How did this person demonstrate exceptional communication? 

How did this person demonstrate exceptional innovation and problem solving? 

How well did this person meet their goals or progress towards the University or college’s goals?