Mort Webster and Lee Kump

John T. Ryan Faculty Fellowship

This award is designed to assist faculty in continuing and furthering their contributions in teaching, research, and public service. The recipient shall be honored with a recognition memento and a monetary award at the Wilson Awards Banquet held each spring.


Funds may be used to support research expenses, release time to develop new courses or programs, educational and travel expenses, graduate assistant salaries, and other support services.

Nomination Procedure

Annually in September, the dean invites nominations for the John T. Ryan Faculty Fellowship from each department and institute. Reminders are sent in December.

 Each department and institute may submit one nomination (submitted by the head or director) and the nomination packet should include:

  • a letter from a departmetn head or insitute director that describes in sufficient detail the faculty member's reserach.
  • nominee's current curriculum vitae
  • recent high-resolution color photograph suitable for the program in jpeg format


EMS full-time, tenure-line faculty.

Selection Procedure

One recipient for the college shall be selected by the dean.

Past Recipients

  • 2019: Mort D. Webster, Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2018: Lorraine Dowler, Professor of Geography
  • 2018: Gregory Jenkins, Professor of Meteorology
  • 2017: Jennifer Baka, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • 2016: Sukyoung Lee, Professor of Meteorology
  • 2014: Seth Blumsack, Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2011: Seth Blumsack, Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2008: Sarma V. Pisupati, Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • 2008: Lakshman S. Yapa, Professor of Geography
  • 2005: Kenneth J. Davis, Professor of Meteorology
  • 2005: Elizabeth C. Dickey, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2005: Peter D. Wilf, Professor of Geosciences
  • 2000: Andre L. Boehman, Professor of Fuel Science; Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2000: Mark S. Gahegan, Professor of Geography

2019 John T. Ryan Faculty Fellowship

Mort WebsterMort D. Webster
Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering

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