More About Me

My passion for the weather started in 7th grade when we studied clouds, and I became further interested when I watched local broadcast meteorologists on the news during high school.

There cannot be a better class than rock climbing. It was so fun and everyone was very supportive of each others' goals.

I chose Penn State because it has one of the best meteorology programs and an alumni network that can't be beat!

Three words to describe EMS are: family, fun, and caring.

During my free time, I enjoy playing with my puppy and doing arts and crafts. 

College has taught me that going to office hours is a great way to boost your grade and build a personal relationship with your professor.

Give me two scoops of Autumn Delight from the Penn State Creamery, please.

If I could, I would make positive change in the world by making everyone financially stable so that people could be happier, less stressful, and able to enjoy life more.