Chris Mertz

  • Hometown: Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania
  • Fun Fact About Me: I have been to five of the seven continents—I still need to get to Australia and Antarctica!

More About Me

I enrolled at Penn State for its endless opportunities. There is always something to do, regardless of what you're interested in.

One class I especially looked forward to was a class on the history of the 1960s. I never knew that so many decisions from that decade influenced where the U.S. is today (think Vietnam, JFK, etc.).

I aspire to land a job working as a GIS analyst for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Let me travel anywhere in the world and I'd choose southern Utah. The combination of natural beauty with its proximity to a major city (Salt Lake City) makes it a can't-miss for me. Not to mention the great golf!

For lunch on campus, I prefer to eat a grilled cheese with tomato soup.

When I have leisure time to read, I usually go for any book by Michael Connelly. The Lincoln Lawyer and the Harry Bosch series are both excellent.

When it comes to sports, I'm usually watching hockey, but I'm usually playing soccer.

Are you a new student? Don't be shy when it comes to getting involved with different groups and organizations, especially in the College of EMS.