More About Me

My favorite class I've taken so far is History 110, which was called Nature and History. The class basically explained how the natural environment influenced important historical events. I found the lectures to be very eye-opening and intriguing.

I think everyone should participate in THON, whether it's through an organization, committee, or just attending the event as a spectator. I think THON really showcases the spirit of Penn State. It's such an indescribable event that every Penn Stater should experience at least once.

I like to study in the EMS Library, but if it's busy, I try to hide somewhere on the 3rd floor of the HUB.

I decided to attend Penn State after attending EMEX as a high school senior. EMEX opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities available here in the College of EMS.

During my downtime, you might catch me binge watching Netflix, going hiking, or dancing.

Let me travel anywhere in the world and I'd end up in Australia. I studied abroad there last summer and found a friendly and welcoming group of people. They were also very open to alternative energies, which is what I hope to work in after I graduate.

When I visit the creamery, I'm asking for Russ Diggs Roseberry. It's delicious!

On Saturdays in the fall, I'm cheering on my Nittany Lions!


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