Yi Wang
Office Address: 
325 Steidle Building
Research Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • First-principles modeling for all kinds of properties of materials
  • Linear-response/supercell phonon approach to thermodynamics
  • First-principles approach to self-diffusion and impurity diffusion
  • Interfacial enegetics of precipitation, antiphase boundary, domain wall, etc.
  • Magnetism and magnetic phase transition at finite temperatures
  • First- and second-order phase transformations
  • Modeling of Fe-based superconductivity, thermodynamics of rare earth metals and compounds
  • Thermodynamics of actinide metals and compounds
  • Mg, Al, and Ni alloys
  • Ferrielectric and ferroelectric materials
  • Elasticity at finite temperatures
  • Calculation of phase diagrams
  • Finite element analysis