Katy Gerace

  • EMS Degrees: BS, Materials Science and Engineering (2018)
  • Hometown: Lansdale, PA
  • Fun Fact About Me: I have pet rabbits that are fuzzy and adorable!

More About Me

Materials science and engineering is a perfect fit for me because it can be applied to almost everything. It’s a great major to choose if you want to use it to springboard into something else in graduate school, are interested in medical school, or happen to be an independent person who likes to design your own curriculum.

At the Berkey Creamery, Death By Chocolate is by far the best.

To me, being a Penn Stater is about having a community with an abundance of opportunities to help me go anywhere and do anything with my career.  I got real work experience in my field after freshman year, and I got to spend a whole summer working in Germany.

Come dinnertime, you can probably find me in Waring Commons. I’m a vegetarian, and they have amazing falafel!

On rainy days, I love to make pottery.

My message to prospective Penn Staters is not to worry about having a concrete plan for the next four years of your life.  Even if you think you know what you want, it will most likely change.

When I’m on campus, my favorite study spot is the Biobehavioral Health Building.

 I don’t play sports, but I do love to watch a good hockey game!