More About Me

After graduation, I would love to be a sustainability coordinator for a city or community.

I chose Energy Engineering because it is so unique and so relevant to the world today. It gives students a foundational understanding of non-renewable and renewable energy sources, and also exposes them to technical engineering, math, and science.

I had a great time taking my EMS first-year seminar course. I learned how to develop and define a world view. Given that the class had many international students, I was able to hear first-hand about other countries and was able to compare the similarities and differences between everyone's views.

Let me describe the College of EMS to you in three words: Unique, Close, Opportunities

I like to tell new students to do that thing that makes you feel uncomfortable, since you usually learn a lot about yourself in the process.

During spring break, I love to travel. Recently, I've visited Iceland and Costa Rica.

You might find me playing soccer on campus, or watching hockey on TV at home.