More About Me

I enrolled in the geography major because I love traveling, seeing different places, and exploring the different possibilities of life. Geography is a nice excuse for me to do all of these.

I had a phenomenal experience in GEOSC 201, which introduced me to the world of crystallography and formation of different minerals. The instructor, Maureen Feineman, helped me to see a mountain of knowledge and wisdom in something as small as a little rock.

You're a new student? I recommend staying busy and being engaged on campus.

In my free time I like to read, hike, and travel. I'm also very into fine wine and scotch appreciation and connoisseurship.

Every student should join the Tea Institute at Penn State for its interdisciplinary research into and preservation of tea ceremony. It's also nice just to visit the tea house and have a nice cup of tea next to one of your professors.

My favorite sport is Kendo, or Japanese fencing. It helps me to develop patience and concentration.

When I have my headphones on, I'm probably listening to Chapeau Claque, an alternative electropop project out of Erfurt, Germany.


Zongjun Li