Evaluation and Promotion of Fixed-Term Faculty

Fixed-term (FT) faculty augment the extent and range of activities performed by tenured faculty. FT faculty currently make up a significant percentage of the total faculty in the college, are found within each unit, and perform a wide variety of functions. There are approximately 130 tenured faculty and 130 FT faculty. Each FT faculty has their own responsibilities unique to their job description. Some FT faculty focus entirely on conducting research, others on teaching or administration. Many are involved in a mixture of these responsibility areas, and these responsibilities may change over time. In general, FT faculty's duties and responsibilities target specific categories as determined by their funding source.

How are FT Faculty evaluated and promoted?

In the Spring of 2005, the college established conditions of appointment, evaluation and promotion for research and instructional faculty members who are not subject to the provisions of tenure. This 2005 policy standardized ranks and provided a promotion track for FT faculty who would like to make a career of their positions in the college. The 2005 college policy established a review process for the upper ranks and delegated the details of the promotion review process for the entry ranks to the departments and institutes. The department/institute policies are linked below:

Promotion Review Committees

Each of the academic departments has its own FT Faculty Promotion Committee to whom candidates present their case for promotion. The Institutes have combined to form their own FT Faculty Promotion Committee. 

For the senior ranks, the Department/Institute FT Faculty Promotion Committee reviews and recommends an individual for promotion. The  departmental head or institute director then forwards the dossier to the college-wide FT Faculty Promotion Review Committee. The recommendations of the department/institute committee, department head/institute director, and college review committee are then forwarded to the dean for a decision.

Have a Question?

Email Todd Bacastow, Chair FT Faculty Advisory Committee.