Bioenergy Graduate Certificate

Further your education in the rapidly growing field of bioenergy with this certificate, which will provide you with the ability to manage and improve the bio energy industry through project development, system design and analysis, and process improvement. This certificate is ideal for those who aspire to obtain advanced skills to further their careers in the growing bioenergy industry.


The Certificate in Bioenergy provides the skills that companies will look for in professionals — including biochemists, biophysicists, microbiologists, and soil and plant scientists — who lead their bioenergy projects.

The bioenergy field is rapidly evolving, and many career paths are emerging. With this graduate certificate you can acquire the skills — applied science, communication, business, social, and industry perspectives — that companies will look for in professionals who lead their bioenergy projects. Because of the balanced perspective of technical understanding and project development skills, individuals in the following fields may be able to use this certificate to advance their careers:

  • Biochemists and biophysicists
  • Chemical or laboratory technicians
  • Chemists
  • Microbiologists
  • Soil and plant scientists