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Penn State Lives Here

Tuesday, October 13th

  • 22 Deike Building
    04:00 pm

    Reed Burgette, New Mexico State University

    "Ups and Downs of the U.S. West Coast: Implications of Eight Decades of Vertical Deformation Measurements for Seismic Hazards and Sea Level Impacts"

Wednesday, October 14th

Thursday, October 15th

  • 26 Hosler Building
    09:45 am

    Peter Kroll, University of Teas at Arlington

    "Modeling and Simulation of Glasses and Amorphous Ceramics Seeking Answers to Some of Ceramicists Persistent Questions"

  • 129 HUB
    10:00 am

    Nancy Baron, Director of Science OutReach at COMPASS

    "One Minute to Impress: Message Box Workshop"

    You must pre-register for this seminar - Graduate Student Seminar

  • 8 Mueller Lab
    04:00 pm

    Panel - Christopher Joyce - NPR, Juliet Elperin, Washington Post, Amanda Paulson, Christian Science Monitor, Emily Reddy, WPSU-FM, and Amy Matthews Amons, Free-lance reporter. Moderator: Nancy Baron, Director of Science Outreach at COMPASS

    "Pulling Back the Curtain"

Friday, October 16th

  • 112 Walker Building
    04:00 pm

    Neil Brown, Penn State University

    "Engaging Geographically Dispersed Communities of Learners in Scholarly Discourse on Global Phenomena"

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