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Penn State Lives Here

Monday, December 5th

Tuesday, December 6th

  • 22 Deike Building
    04:00 pm

    Kevin Furlong, Department of Geosciences, Penn State University

    "Why Subduction Zones Matter: Exploiting New Data and Models to Assess Earthquake Potential Along Subduction Megathrusts"

Wednesday, December 7th

  • 157 Hosler Building
    12:00 pm

    Ashish Tyagi, Agricultural Environmental Regional Economics, Penn State University

    "India's Greenhouse Gas Abatement Policies - Considering the Case for Market Based Instruments"

  • 301D Life Sciences Building
    12:15 pm

    B. Wren Patton, Department of Ecology, Penn State University

    "Behavioral Response of the Lemon Damselfish to Slowly Increasing Ocean Acidification"

  • 112 Walker Building
    03:30 pm

    Sandip Pal, Department of Meteorology, Penn State University

    "Greenhouse Gas Content of Frontal Structures: Results from the Summer 2016 ACT-America Field Campaign"

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