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The Penn State Science Diving Program


The American Academy of Underwater Sciences offers various scholarship opportunities. The deadline for proposals for 2016 Research Awards (Kathy Johnston and Kevin Gurr Scholarships) is June 30. Other scholarships are available. For more information go to:


Biology graduate student and scientific diver Sam Vohsen made a public presentation of his research in State College during the week of 3/30/16. See the story in The Daily Collegian.


Be safe, eat chocolate before diving!

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Videos of Penn State Science Divers in Action
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PSSD Success Stories

  1. Jamie Sziklay, BS ERM 09, Researching the spread of an infectious coral disease, Montipora White Syndrome (MWS), in the Hawaiian Islands
  2. Jonathan Freedman, PhD graduate, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Fishes of Little Salt Spring: What Can They Reveal About the Ghosts of Fishes Past?
  3. Todd LaJeunesse, Associate Professor of Biology, Diversity of Corals, Algae in Warm Indian Ocean Suggests Resilience to Future Global Warming
  4. Alex Bryk, BS Geosc 09, Taphonomy of a Fluvially Derived Bone Deposit: A Natural Experiment in the Santa Fe River, FL
  5. Iliana Baums, Associate Professor, Biology, Researcher studies warming oceans' effects on coral reef life
  6. Jorge Pinzon, PhD graduate, Biology, Coral Sleuth
  7. Jeremy Cohen, Emeritus Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education, An Undersea Garden
  8. Suzie Marlow, B.S. Biology 2010 Conducting Research at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
  9. Allison Place, B.S. Biology, 2011, Scuba diving at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey
  10. Sharmila Giri, B.S. Biology, 2011, Growing corals in elevated concentrations of calcium and magnesium
  11. Mike Bollinger, B.S. Biology, Marine Science Minor, 2012, Monitoring artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico
  12. Caitlyn Livsey, M.S. Geosciences, 2015, Currently working on her Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences

"Science on Ice, Penn State divers brave the chill for ancient sediment samples"
Centre Daily Times - March 15, 2015

Opportunities for Students

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