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The Penn State Science Diving Program

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Videos of PSU Science Divers in Action
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PSSD Success Stories

  1. Jamie Sziklay, BS ERM 09,
  2. Jonathan Freedman, PhD graduate, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, (Nov-Dec 09 newsletter, p. 6-7)
  3. Todd LaJeunesse, Asst Professor of Biology,
  4. Alex Bryk, BS Geosc 09, Bryk.docx
  5. Iliana Baums, Asst Professor, Biology,
  6. Jorge Pinzon, PhD candidate, Biology,
  7. Jeremy Cohen, Associate Vice Provost, Cohen.docx
  8. Suzie Marlow, B.S. Biology 2010, Marlow.docx
  9. Allison Place, B.S. Biology, 2011, AllisonPlace.docx
  10. Sharmila Giri, B.S. Biology, 2011, sharmgiri.docx
  11. Mike Bollinger, B.S. Biology, Marine Science Minor, 2012, Bollinger.docx

Opportunities for Students

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