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Funding Opportunities

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Research Funding Opportunities Calendar
Sponsor Deadline Name of Sponsor Name of Grant/Fellowship


2016-02-15 U.S Department of State U.S. Embassy South Africa Public Affairs Section 2016 Annual Program Statement
2016-02-15 The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) Internationalisation in the Earth and Life Sciences
2016-02-16 NSF PD 16-1788 Nanomanufacturing (NM)
2016-02-16 NSF PD 16-8092 Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP)
2016-02-16 NSF PD 16014Y Engineering or Natural Hazards (ENH)
2016-02-17 Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowships
2016-02-17 The National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine (Proposal) Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowships / Science Policy Fellowships
2016-02-17 Transportation Research Board ACRP 02-74 Integrating Climate Change Risk into Airport Management Systems
2016-02-17 Transportation Research Board ACRP 02-70 Wetland Mitigation--A Guidebook for Airports
2016-02-18 DOE / EERE DE-FOA-0001384 Fiscal Year 2016 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity
2016-02-20 Air Force Research Laboratory BAA 12-01-PKS Metamaterials for RF and Optical Applications
2016-02-20 Air Force BAA-12-01-PKS - Metamaterials for RF and Optical Applications
2016-02-22 NSF / BSF Marnie Oceanography
2016-02-25 USGS NWR G16AS00016 Water Resources Research National Competitive Grants Program
2016-02-26 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences General Announcement for Geosciences including Geography Post Doc Scholarships to Japan


2016-03-01 Tinker Foundation Incorporated Institutional Grants Sustainable Resource Management for Latin Americans
2016-03-01 Klingenstein Fund Invites Applications for Neuroscience Fellowships
2016-03-01 NSF NSF 16-528 Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks (SL-CN)
2016-03-01 NASA (Proposal) NNH15ZDA001N-INSTPSP InSight Participating Scientist Program
2016-03-01 NSF PD 98-1390 Cultural Anthropology Research Experience for Graduates and Undergraduates
2016-03-01 NSF NSF 15-120 Dear Colleague Letter: Supporting Research Advances in Smart and Connected Communities
2016-03-03 NASA (Proposal) NNH15ZDA001N-OBB Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
2016-03-04 NASA (Step 2 Proposal) NNH15ZDA001N ROSES: Release of K2 Guest Observer Cycle (GO) Cycle 4
2016-03-04 **NEW** NSF NSF 15-596 Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
2016-03-07 NASA NNH15ZDA001N-HMA Understanding Changes in High Mountain Asia
2016-03-07 NASA NNH15ZDA001N-HMA Understanding Changes in High Mountain Asia
2016-03-07 NSF NSF 15-517 National Robotics Initiative (NRI) The realization of co-robots acting in direct support of individuals and groups
2016-03-07 **NEW** DOE DE-FOA-0001531 Regional and Global Climate Modeling and Integrated Assessment Research: An Integration Framework for Multi-Model, U.S. Regional Climate Evaluation that Incorporates Local Human Influences for Research at the Energy-Water-Land Nexus
2016-03-07 NSF NSF 16-518 NSF/CASIS Collaboration on Fluid Dynamics Research on the International Space Station to Benefit Life on Earth
2016-03-08 **NEW** DOE DE-FOA-0001496 State Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies II - State Energy Strategies (SEEDSII-SES)
2016-03-09 NSF NSF 16-519 Critical Resilient Interdependent Infrastructure Systems and Processes (CRISP)
2016-03-10 USDA USDA-NIFA-ICGP-005517 Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative
2016-03-10 Chesapeake Bay Trust Restoration Research
2016-03-15 NSF NSF 16-521 MacroSystems Biology and Early NEON Science: Research on Biological Systems at Regional to Continental Scales
2016-03-16 USAID BAA-OAA-BFS-2015 United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Food Security (BFS) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Climate Smart Agriculture
2016-03-17 NSF NSF 16-523 International Research Network Connections (IRNC)
2016-03-17 EPA EPA-G2016-ORD-B1 National Priorities: Impacts of Water Conservation on Water Quality in Premise Plumbing and Water Distribution Systems
2016-03-18 DOE / NETL DE-FOA-0001488 Support of Fossil Energy Research
2016-03-18 James S. McDonnell Foundation 2016 Scholar Award in Studying Complex Systems
2016-03-18 DOE / NETL DE-FOA-0001469 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Innovative Concepts and Core Technology
2016-03-22 NSF NSF 16-524 Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and WaterSystems (INFEWS)
2016-03-23 NSF 16-522 Genealogy of Life FY 2016 (GoLife)
2016-03-23 DOE (Proposal) DE-FOA-0001458 Systems Biology Enabled Research on the Roles of Microbial Communities in Carbon Cycle Processes
2016-03-24 NSF (Proposal) NSF 16-514 EarthCube Developing a Community-Driven Data and Knowledge Environment for the Geosciences
2016-03-24 NASA (Proposal) ROSES-15 Amendment 34: A.45 Earth Science Applications: Socioeconomic Benefits
2016-03-28 NSF NSF 16-526 Energy-Efficient Computing: from Devices to Architectures (E2CDA)
2016-03-28 NSF NSF 16-527 STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM+C)
2016-03-30 Central PA CVB Tourism Grants Central PA CVB Tourism Grants
2016-03-31 NASA NNH15ZDA001N-ECF Fellowships for Early Career Researchers
2016-03-31 DOE - EERE DE-FOA0001415: State Energy Program 2016 Competitive Awards
2016-03-31 NASA NNH15ZDA001N-RRNES Rapid Response and Novel Research in Earth Science


2016-04-01 U.S. Department of Interior Coral Reef Initiative Program (CRI)
2016-04-01 USAID (Concept Papers) RFA-674-16-000002 Call for Partnership Concept Papers in Support of Power Africa Initiative under Existing Global Development Alliance Annual Program Statement No. APS-OAA-14-000001
2016-04-05 NIH PA-14-154 Early Stage Development of Technologies in Biomedical Computing, Informatics, and Big Data Science (R43/R44 SBIR)
2016-04-08 NASA Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 24 Announcement
2016-04-16 NSF NSF 16-530 Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBs)
2016-04-26 NSF NSF 16-532 Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2: SSE & SSI)


2016-05-02 **NEW** NSF NSF 16-535 Expeditions in Computing
2016-05-03 **NEW** NSF NSF 16-537 Enhancing Access to the Radio Spectrum (EARS)
2016-05-06 DTRA HDTRA1-11-21-BRCWMD-BAA (Proposal) Basic Research for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (C-WMD) Basic and Applied Sciences Department
2016-05-16 NSF NSF 16-520 Ideas Lab: Measuring “Big G” Challenge


2016-06-02 NSF (Proposal) NSF 16-516 GEO Opportunities for Leadership in Diversity (GOLD)
2016-06-05 NIH PA-16-083 Research to Action: Assessing and Addressing Community Exposures to Environmental Contaminants (R01)
2016-06-17 NSF MSHA2016-1 Mine Health and Safety Grants
2016-06-17 NSF NSF 16-534 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM)


2016-08-31 DoD / Navy NPS-BAA-15-003 Research Initiative at the Naval Postgraduate School


2016-09-08 DOD - White Paper Deadline FY16 Multidisciplinary Reseach Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI)
2016-09-09 DOD - Army W15QKN-13-R-8308 New and Innovative Ideas for Technology Focused Areas of Interest
2016-09-30 Department of Commerce NOAA-NFA-NFAPO-2016-2004791 FY2016 to FY2017 NOAA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)


2016-12-21 DOD DARPA-BAA-16-18 Strategic Technologies


2017-03-31 Army Research Laboratory W911NF-12-R-0011-03 Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research


2017-04-01 Air Force Research Laboratory BAA-RDK-2012-0001 University Small Grants Broad Agency Announcement