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Museum and Art Gallery Strategic Plan

Create Most Student-Centered College in Penn State History

  1. Incorporate students in all aspects of the Museum’s core activities (e.g., planning, development, implementation, programming, outreach, and internships)
  2. Make the Museum a student-friendly place and educational resource
  3. Develop a student-scholar annual symposium with invited presentations that focus on student research

Develop a Diversity and Climate that will Empower Future Generations of Scholars

  1. Develop exhibits, programs, collections, and research to reach the greatest diversity of audiences
  2. Develop partnerships with other cultural and scientific educational institutions and museums

Advance the Capabilities and Reputations of the College’s Departments and Institutes

  1. Become the leading informal science education resource in central PA
  2. Become a national/international center for innovative programming
  3. Develop outreach through traveling exhibits and web-based programs that focus on the research, collections, and educational objectives of the College