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Protection of water quality critical in development of gas wells

David Yoxtheimer, a hydrogeologist and College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Extension Associate with Penn State University, addressed that and other related issues this week, as he talked to a group of 20-some concerned and informed citizens about the water quality issues surrounding the Marcellus shale natural gas industry drilling activity in central Pennsylvania.  <<The Express (Lock Haven)>>

Energy Business and Finance major offers new option in energy and land management

Beginning in the fall of 2013, the Penn State John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering (EME) will be offering a new energy and land management option as part of the bachelor of science degree in energy business and finance (EBF). Designed in consultation with the American Association of Professional Landmen, this new option will provide expertise in the acquisition of sub-surface exploration rights and enable Penn State students to seek challenging careers as exploration Landmen.

Mann Selected to Receive National Conservation Achievement Award

The National Wildlife Federation recently selected Michael Mann, professor of meteorology, to receive their prestigious National Conservation Achievement Award in the Science category for 2013.  Dr. Mann will receive this award in September at an event hosted by PennFuture.  This national recognition honors Dr. Mann for his achievements in natural resource conservation.  Congratulations Mike!  <<Michael Mann>>

Freeman Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Being recognized with the Wilson Award for Excellence in Research Sunday evening at the EMS Wilson Banquet was just the beginning of a week to remember for Kate Freeman.  Today it was announced that Kate has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Science.  Kate is singled out for her work using stable isotopes in fossil molecules to learn about the origins of life on earth and other planets.  Kate makes the sixth EMS living faculty member to be elected to the National Academies.  Congratulations Kate!

Geography classes on sustainable conservation the topic of CDT Focus on Research

A new class from the Department of Geography builds on the "Parks and People" program that gives students hands-on learning about sustainable conservation in South Africa. Erica Smithwick, assistant professor of ecology, said that it had been a long-term goal to expand the global experience into a resident classroom program.

Centre Daily Times story.

2013 College Commencements Across the Region

Here's a list of undergraduate commencements for the 2013 Spring Commencement Season <<>>

Purdum's Hotel Mix Hospitality, Academics

"And on top of that, Penn State offers extensive academic resources and knowledge about the topic.  Our College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is one of the world's leading institutions of its kind."  <<STORY>>

Volunteerism meets research on students' trip to Jamaica

A Penn State class that spent spring break getting an up-close lesson in marine biogeochemistry also got a chance to practice artistic outreach with younger students. Students in Lee Kump's marine biogeochemistry class volunteered at the Discovery Bay All Age School as part of their trip to the Discovery Bay Marine Lab.

Read the full story in the CDT.

Jennifer Balch writes about Earth Day and NPR reporter Christopher Joyce's talk

On a hot day in August 2007, I was sitting on a log at the edge of a patch of Amazon forest waiting for the right weather conditions to burn a 100-hectare plot (larger than 180 football fields), when I was approached by a journalist. 

PSU Offers Course on Marcellus Shale

The Express - Williamsport, PA - Penn State University and the Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research have been at the forefront of shale gas development - providing educational programs to thousands of Pennsylvania residents, elected officials, landowners and business groups as well as engaging in research to promote the protection of Pennsylvania's water and environmental resources from adverse impacts of resource extraction. <<Read Article>>

EMS student and professor solve astronomical mystery

To ordinary folks, stars in the galaxy may seem like tiny specks of light. But to Penn State Brandywine Professor Timothy Lawlor and undergraduate researcher Nick Rufo, one of those bright balls of gas is actually more massive than scientists originally reported and holds implications to the understanding of the universe’s evolution.  <<Penn State Brandywine>>

Sunny forecast: Meteorology scholar, Hailey Mitchell, predicts bright future

Two summers ago, a group of seasoned doctoral students gathered in a lab at the University of Bern to conduct never-before-done research about the hydrogen isotopic composition of methane. Joining them was Schreyer Honors College Scholar Hailey Mitchell, a meteorology major who, at the time, was only half-way through her undergraduate education.   Read the full story from the Schreyer Honors College

University recognizes four from EMS with 2013 awards for teaching, research and service

Three faculty members and a staff member in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences were among those singled out this year for recognition by the University for excellence in education and research.

EMS Students Place at 2013 Graduate Exhibition

Three Earth and Mineral Sciences' students were recognized at the 2013 Graduate Exhibition. 

Physical Science and Mathematics: Third Place
Andra Jenn Reed. The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences/METEOROLOGY. "Effects of Local Meteorology and Chemistry on Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide Retrievals: OMI and Pandora Spectrometers during DISCOVER-AQ 2011." CONGRATULATIONS, Andra!