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Penn State Berks' Scarpaci helps to lead sustainability program in Jamaica

As part of the college’s and University’s commitment to sustainability, Betsy Scarpaci, assistant director for Student Affairs/Residence Life at Penn State Berks, recently helped to lead a trip to Jamaica for a group of incoming Penn State students through the "LEAP in Jamaica: Sustainability Research Abroad" program.
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Penn State hosts 19 National Science Foundation graduate researchers

Penn State is hosting 19 new National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program recipients for the 2015-16 academic year. The students join 62 prior recipients continuing in the University’s graduate degree programs in the Eberly College of Science and the colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Engineering, Health and Human Development, Information Sciences and Technology, and the Liberal Arts, as well as the Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs.
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Diapers, absorbents and a material that makes oil spills reusable

Mike Chung, professor of materials science and engineering, has created a material that completely absorbs oil.
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Scarpaci brings global sustainability experience to Penn State Berks

Students at Penn State Berks will soon be able to experience sustainability initiatives in South Africa and other countries without ever leaving campus. Betsy Scarpaci, assistant director of residence life at Penn State Berks, has been instrumental in bringing an interactive kiosk to campus where students will be able to experience global sustainability with other Penn State students traveling abroad. Penn State Berks is the only campus in the Penn State system to have such a kiosk.
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New Kensington student receives Penn State Achievers scholarship

Lea Long, a junior business major at Penn State New Kensington, was recently awarded an Achiever’s scholarship for the 2015-16 academic year. Long received the John J. Cahir Penn State Achievers Scholarship for her academic potential, service to others, and willingness to work in order to defray the cost of her education. The Apollo resident earned a $1,000 scholarship.
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Study finds geoengineering technique would not stop sea level rise

A new study finds albedo modification, a proposed technology to alter the Earth's temperature in an attempt to lessen the impacts of climate change, would not stop global sea level rise.
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NSF funds Industry/University Center for Atomically Thin Coatings

The study and development of atomically thin coatings will be the focus of a one of a kind National Science Foundation funded university/industry center.
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Restored, historic plaster relief map on display

On Aug. 11, a recently restored, historically significant map was installed in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ Museum and Art Gallery.
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Flexible dielectric polymer can stand the heat

Easily manufactured, low cost, lightweight, flexible dielectric polymers that can operate at high temperatures may be the solution to energy storage and power conversion in electric vehicles and other high temperature applications, according to a team of Penn State engineers.
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John Leone honored as Penn State’s Philanthropist of the Year

Penn State has recognized John Leone, Penn State alumnus and longtime supporter, as its 2015 Philanthropist of the Year for the support that he and his late wife, Willie Leone, have offered to programs across the University.
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Shale Network fosters collaboration, focuses on water quality

Scientists shared what they have learned about water quality in the Marcellus Shale gas play during the 2015 Shale Network conference. The workshop, held in State College, brings together diverse groups, including industry representatives, environmental advocates, government agency employees and academics.
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2D materials researchers aim 'beyond graphene'

Graphene, the first 2D material, hasn't yet lived up to its hype--but researchers are creating a wide range of other 2D materials with potential as semiconductors, air quality sensors, photoluminescent devices, and more.
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Penn State SOLAR 2015 conference highlights advances, opportunities in solar

Professionals, academics and students from across the nation and world will discuss opportunities and developments in the solar industry, including solar science and engineering, energy economics, public policy, education and energy efficient architecture at SOLAR 2015, the American Solar Energy Society's national conference, hosted this year by Penn State July 28-30.
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Proposals for construction projects approved

The Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning today approved proposals for designers for an agricultural digester, replacement of dairy barns and renovations to the Deike Building. It also heard updates on three projects in progress.
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Sinnott appointed head of materials science and engineering

Susan Sinnott, alumni professor in materials science and director of the Cyberinfrastructure for Atomistic Simulation at the University of Florida, has been named head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State, effective August 1, 2015. Sinnott will take over departmental duties from Gary Messing, distinguished professor of ceramics, who has been department head since 2001.
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Geosciences student finds rare starfish fossil in Happy Valley

College of EMS Headlines - Fri, 06/26/2015 - 08:20

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Anna Whitaker, a rising sophomore and an honors student in Geosciences, recently went searching for fossils and made an impressive discovery.  Fossils have been prolific at the flank of Tussey Mountain above Pine Grove Mills, just minutes away from the campus, but this find – a starfish from the Ordovician (485-444 Ma) Reedsville Shale – is perhaps a first! Full Story. 

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Solving corrosive ocean mystery reveals future climate

College of EMS Headlines - Mon, 05/11/2015 - 14:37

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Around 55 million years ago, an abrupt global warming event triggered a highly corrosive deep-water current through the North Atlantic Ocean.  The current's origin puzzled scientists for a decade, but an international team of researchers has now discovered how it formed and the findings may have implications for the carbon dioxide emission sensitivity of today's climate.

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