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Office of the Dean (116 Deike)

William E. Easterling, Dean 814-865-6546 Email
Larry Achterberg, Dir. Business and Operations 814-865-6546 Email
Patricia Craig, Dir. Marketing and Communications 814-863-4663 Email
Elizabeth Daye, Administative Coordinator 814-867-2491 Email
Rosie Long, Executive Assistant to the Dean 814-863-4643 Email
Morgann McAfee, Mktg. and Comm. Specialist 814-863-4692 Email
Jennifer Price, Human Resources Generalist 814-863-4637 Email
Elizabeth Soroka, Human Resources 814-867-5072 Email
Melanie Frantz Finocchio, Asst. Dir. of Endowment Management 814-867-1516 Email

Information Technology (2217 EESB)

Tom Canich, Information Technology Manager 814-865-7178 Email
Jeffrey Buechler, Computer Laboratory Supervisor 814-863-0711 Email
Todd Shamory, Programmer/Analyst 814-865-6041 Email
243 Deike Building    
Jeffrey Brendle, Computer Laboratory Supervisor 814-865-3257 Email

Finance Office (116 Deike)

Stephanie Chambers, Financial Coordinator 814-863-6303 Email
Reita Rockey, Financial Coordinator 814-863-6303 Email
Megan Van Orden, Financial Assistant 814-863-6303 Email

Museum and Art Gallery (16 Deike)  
Russell Graham, Director 814-865-6336 Email
Julianne Snider, Asst. Dir. for Exhibits and Collections 814-865-6336 Email

Office of Development and Alumni Relations (104 Deike)

814-863-2289 (Telephone)
814-863-5406 (Fax)
Shirley Fetters, Administrative Assistant 814-863-2289 Email
Carol Packard, Dir. of Dev. & Alumni Relations 814-863-4673 Email
Shirley Fetters, Administrative Assistant 814-863-4684 Email
Sue Powell, Major Gifts Officer 814-863-4691 Email
Karen Reese, Assistant Director of Stewardship 814-863-2289 Email
Linda Shope, Office Manager 814-863-2289 Email
Colleen Swetland, Asst. Dir. of Alumni Relations 814-863-4660 Email